Degree Programs








This course is designed to introduce you to apologetics, to identify and understand how to grow spiritually and to bring unity and chronological sequence to bible study by weaving through the contents of the bible around a central theme- the person of Jesus Christ.

Bachelor’s Level

  • This course is designed to give an accurate understanding of the complexities and richness of Christianity
  • To reinforce the Christian that the church will triumph
  • To broaden the knowledge and understanding of the Trinity

Masters Level

  • This course is designed to empower you how to be rooted in the absolutes of God
  • You will delve in learning God’s historical, present and future dealings with man
  • You will complete a Portfolio

Doctorate Level

  • You will journey into a deeper study of the foundation of faith
  • You will complete a Thesis


PhD Level

  • You will delve into a deeper study of various philosophers
  • You will complete a Thesis


Christian Counseling

  • This course provides the lay person or minister with the fundamentals of Christian Counselling.
  • You will be challenged to confront your beliefs regarding counseling and the secular humanistic perspectives of counseling.
  • You will then have the opportunity to develop your perspective from all that is presented through the leading of the Holy Spirit and the living word of God.
  • Opportunities for practical application are included in the course which then gives the student a working knowledge and skill to competently counsel with modern tools, led by the Holy Spirit.


Honorary Doctorate

Grace Hill Bible University is in a unique position to offer an extraordinary opportunity. An honorarium doctorate degree is conferred on those who have demonstrated exemplary service in the gospel ministry. As a servant of God a degree or an additional degree will afford you greater opportunities to minister in this world.

The courses of these programs are tailored to enrich students with wisdom and knowledge that is only gained when an exceptional desire is present.

*Degrees are awarded upon full completion of all assignments as well as a satisfactory grade on test scores.

*Programs should be completed in one year with full participation.

*Corresponding students progress at their own pace.

Honorary Doctor of Divinity Application Form