Certificate Courses



The Evangelism Course works as an introduction on bringing others to Christ.  You learn that there are many various types of evangelism that take place to fit specific positions in Christ.  One doesn’t have to minister in the pulpit to evangelize as evangelism can begin the minute a souls walks in the doors of a church.  We all play a role in evangelizing and must work together to make evangelism successful.



The Leadership Course takes the students through first becoming a servant before one can become a leader.  A true leader is one who is willing to stand at the front of the line and lead others in the right direction.  One must be willing to listen for instructions that come from God and not make decisions based on their own desires.



  • Marriage
  • Suicide
  • Loss
  • Stress

To register for one of the above Certificate Course Programs, please complete an Application (see below) and select either Evangelism or Leadership for the program in which you are pursuing.

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